Warning & Disclaimer

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Warning & Disclaimer

We are only looking for Long Term Relationships with Serious Global Partners with title to rough diamonds or Metals. We only deal with Ethical People, and legal goods of non-criminal origins, with full documentation. We are not interested in rough diamonds from banned countries or without KPC’s. We require a CIS package from any Sellers or Buyers of products.

Sellers must have clear title to the goods and records which prove they own the goods they are offering for sale. Any brokers trying to act as a seller, issuing false documents, or paperwork without title to the goods will be reported to the FBI for fraud immediately!

Any seller submitting fake papework or entering into an agreement they cannot perform will also be reported to the Authorities.

Before you contact us with rough diamonds for sale, make 100% certain you are reading this clear warning. We will never lie or mislead any one, and expect the same.

By accessing the content of this website, you acknowledge and understand that commodities’ purchases can be risky, you may lose money at times. No parties makes any representations to the other.