Ghana Gold Seller

PRODUCT:           Gold in Dore Bar form

QUALITY:             22 carats plus or better

QUANTITY:          500kgs monthly

PURITY:              95% plus or better.

ORIGIN:               Ghana-West Africa.

PRICE:                 –16%/-13% off LBMA, 3% commissions as follows:

                             1% Seller Side (Closed), 1% Trade Desk (Closed), 

                             1% Buyer Side (Open)

PAYMENT:           Via swift (MT103) transfer made to Seller’s bank account by Buyer upon receipt of Final product assay report within one (1) banking day for each delivery. 


  1. Buyer and Seller sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA), where delivery protocol is delineated. Each page must be initialed.
  1. Buyer’s Bank issues a RWA via MT799/199 to issue the SBLC via SWIFT  MT760 to Seller Financial Bank. The SBLC will be for one year and one day.
  1. After receipt and authentication of the RWA, Seller Financial Bank confirms via MT199/799 readiness to receive the SBLC via SWIFT MT 760.
    1. Buyer Bank issue the SBLC via SWIFT MT 760 to the Seller Financial Bank. Seller issue Performance Bond (2% PB)
    1. Within 5 (Ten) banking Days, Seller notifies the Buyer of the first delivery with all export documents.
  1. Upon Buyer’s confirmation of readiness, Seller flies together with the Gold to Buyer’s choice of destination where Buyer shall wait for Seller at the Airport to clear and handle all import taxes as well as further fees related to Gold delivery to Buyer Refinery. All export costs of the Gold from Seller’s Country to Buyer’s designated Country Airport, shall be borne by the Seller; and all cost from Buyer’s designated Country Airport to Buyer Refinery shall be handled by the Buyer.
  1. Upon final assay at Buyer Refinery, in under 24 / 48 (twenty-four / forty-eight) banking hours, Buyer transfers payment to Seller’s bank account. All commissions are paid to intermediates’ bank account simultaneously.
  1. Upon confirmation of payments, Seller releases ownership to Buyer and the Refinery releases the Gold to Buyer.


  1. Certificate of Origin /original and copies. CIF
  • Certificate of Ownership / original and copies. CIF
  • Refinery Assay Report for Shipment / original and copies. CIF
  • Commercial Invoice / original and copies. CIF
  • Export permits / copies. CIF
  • Airway Bill / original and copies. CIF
  • Packing list / original and copies. CIF

Buyer Must submit LOI with buyers full details in acceptance of procedures, supplier will issue FCO and once it is signed, SPA will be issued to the Buyer

Where To Buy Gold Bars?

Buying gold bars or buying gold bullion can be done 2 ways:

-The inexperience investor will purchase gold bars at spot price or higher, the only reason anyone would purchase gold bullion at spot or higher is because they have no clue how and where to purchase gold at a nice discount in order to make a profit when they buy, which is very similar to investors buying real estate, most will pay full price as they don’t have a clue how to purchase properties at a discount.

-The experience and knowledgeable investor, will team up with a gold trade desk who has the ability to purchase gold bars (dore) wholesale in Africa, will take advantage of their professional knowledge and expertise, and will sell the gold in a Western Country, turning their money every 10 days, utilizing the time value of money to create extraordinary compound interest on a year to year basis, putting to shame their hedge funds returns on investment.

Purchasing gold on the internet in 99% of cases will result in severe loss or scams which are all over the internet. The only way to cary out a successful transaction is to Joint Venture with a professional Gold Trade Desk such as Madnox, to inquire about gold bars for sale, please contact Madnox at +1-754-250-9100 or

100 KG Purchase Minimum per Transaction.