Gold Mining ETF’s, The Next Big Market Scam

For years, people and investors have been bragging about purchasing Gold Mining ETF’s, there is only one major problem! They have been and are still selling more paper than there are gold.

In plain english, this specific market will one day disappear faster than it appeared, and these investor’s ETF’s will not even be worth the paper they are written on. Yes, the ETF’s fall will be a very pale problem in comparison to the total national derivatives value, which is about $1.5 quadrillion.

This $1.5 quadrillion pending disaster will take down the global stock market and  drive us into a depression which will  make the 1920’s look like the golden years.

The biggest danger we face as a society, is our stock markets, these 2 upcoming major crashes may explode separately or together, either way, they promise us dark days ahead in the stock market, which ultimately will also affect the diamond industry.