Rough Diamond Trading

Madnox is a full service Rough Diamonds Trade Desk, who will handle your trading transaction from start to finish, insuring that both buyers and sellers are fully satisfied from the beginning to the end, and that your trading process is flawless.

  • Minimum transaction is 100 CT (most of the time), no maximum
  • If brokers are involved in the transaction, an NCNDA will be signed upon request, but we only deal directly with direct Sellers of the commodities, in order to communicate properly and finalize the transaction.

Sellers must have clear title to the goods and records which prove they own the goods that are offering for sale. Any brokers trying to act as a seller, issuing false documents will be reported to the Authorities immediately! 

  • Our Desk Only Trades Rough Diamonds Wholesale and Gold & Precious Metals Wholesale, nothing else +1-754-250-9100