How To Buy Gold Bars


Gold bars also called gold bullion can be purchased fully refined at 99.99 Purity in the USA, Europe or Asia, usually over the spot price, which means it is usually available over the set LBMA market price of the day, some people even purchase gold at +6% or higher than its daily value. You may ask yourself why in the world people would buy gold bars for more than what it is worth, the answer is very simple! Because they have no idea how to buy gold and make a profit.

Gold bars for sale or gold bullion bars will usually be purchased by investors or amateurs who seek to have 20% to 30% of their portfolio in precious metals, which in term is a very smart thing to do, as stock and bonds have no intrinsic value, and can easily be worth less than the paper it is written on as soon as the next stock market crash hits. Precious metals and gold bullion in particular will never be worth zero, and will never evaporate into thin air, thus they are far more secured investments than paper, as you keep full control of your investment and assets.

So how in the world can I buy gold and make a profit? By buying gold dore in Africa and reselling it to the uneducated buyers who buy gold over spot in the Western world. OK, that sounds easy, right? Well, yes and no…it can be very easy when you deal with the right people, however, getting there can take you a lifetime, literally. If you go to Africa on a gold buying adventure, you will lose your money, and come back empty handed!

The easiest way to cut to the chase is to joint venture with Madnox Gold Trade Desk. JV with Madnox to purchase the gold dore in Africa from licensed gold exporters, bring the gold back and resell it for hefty profits. Gold dore will usually have purity between 94% and 99%, is purchased at a discount, exported, refined into gold bullion at the destination refinery, you cash in and do it all over again every 10 days or so.

To inquire about bullion purchase with Madnox Trade Desk, you must have the following in place and ready to go:

-Ability to purchase at least 5 KG on the first trip (we work in KG’s not Onces)

-To buy gold bullion, you must be able to purchase a plane ticket to Africa for one of our executives to travel with or without you, first class hotel, and pay all expenses for the trip.

-You must be able to produce ANY proof of funds showing ability to purchase BEFORE we make all travel arrangements to Africa.

-Ability to sign a JV agreement with Madnox on a profit sharing basis.

If you have the ability to fulfill these 4 simple requirements, we have the ability to help you make higher than average returns on investments

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