Exceptional Investment Diamonds For Sale

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Exceptional Investment Diamonds D Flawless or VVS1 Parcels For Sale

Part of Madnox’s growth for 2017, is the extension of our new Cut and Polished Global Division. We are proud to be able to offer the most exclusive highest quality cut and polished parcels on the Market in 2017 and beyond.

Each Parcels will be sold in about 50 CT’s increments, all stones within parcels will range from 1 CT to the 3CT range. Each and every stones in the parcels will be D or E Color, Flawless to VVS1! We can deliver monthly, FOB Miami.

These exceptional parcels are ideal for Investment Companies, Hedge Funds or High End Jewelers or Investors, and are sold at a discount off Rapaport.

To inquire about these exceptional Investment Parcels, please contact Vince@Madnox.com or call our trade desk directly at +1-305-600-1814.

Supply is limited.