Congo’s Ebola outbreak may not be containable warns CDC director

Director Robert Redfield of the CDC warned on Monday that the Ebola outbreak in the Congo’s war zones may not be brought under control in the region due mostly to conflicts in the war torn region.

If this outbreak goes unconfined, it will be the first time such an event happens since the deadly viral disease was first identified in 1976, following 4 months of outbreak, 300 cases + and 187 Deaths.

If the Ebola Endemic reaches the areas of North Kivu province, in the NE, we will lose the ability to track and trace contacts and the outbreak will spread out of control. Which would have major implications for commerce and trade not only in the Congo, but throughout the whole region.

“I do think this is one of the challenges we’ll have to see, whether we’re able to contain, control and end the current outbreak with the current security situation, or do we move into the idea that this becomes more of an endemic Ebola outbreak in this region, which we’ve never really confronted,” Redfield stated.

This Ebola outbreak in DRC Congo may severely affect all diamond mining operations in the region as well as the rough diamond trade in the DRC for a substantial amount of time to come if this Ebola outbreak hits the worse case scenario.


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Las parcelas de diamantes en bruto se clasifican según el tamaño de las piedras CT, el color y la forma, así como la forma y la fluorescencia de cada piedra. Una piedra fluorescente o incluso fosforescente puede valer la mitad o menos.

Nuestros servicios profesionales de gemología de diamantes se brindan en la mayoría de los países del mundo. En todos los países africanos excepto el ébola y las zonas de guerra.

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MADNOX est spécialisé en gemmologie du diamant brut. Nous offrons nos services de gemologie et classification de parcelles de diamants brut a Anvers, a Geneve et dans toutes les villes d’ Europe.

Les parcelles de diamants bruts sont classifiées d’ après la taille des pierres en CT, la couleur et la , ainsi que la forme et la fluorescence de chaque pierres. Une pierre fluorescente ou meme phosphorescente peut valoir la moitié en moin ou pire.

Nos services professionnels de gemmologistes diamantaire sont fournis dans la majorité des pays du monde. Dans tous les pays d’ Afrique sauf les zones Ebola et les zones de guerres.

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Rough diamond grading, just like brain surgery, should only be left to trained professionals. Grading rough diamonds is an art, and very specialized skill.

The major problem a lot of people encounter with rough diamond grading is that often times, the gemologist grading the rough diamond parcel in the Country of origin can be way off on colors and clarity.

This can result in major inconsistencies and severe money losses for the parcel owner. Once the parcel reaches CIF destination, it does not match the gemologist report on the ground, and there start the arguments.

What most importers do wrong, is that they offer a parcel on paper based on the rough diamond grading from the original grader in the country of origin, instead of re-grading the parcel once it arrives at CIF destination before sending the end buyer their manifest.

This process is vital to successful negotiation between sellers and buyers of rough diamond, and to retain the ability to negotiate a rough diamond parcel upwards rather than downwords.

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