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The principal or signatory will have to travel to Botswana, with a gemologist (Gemologist must be there to inspect the lots 1 week before Tender’s date), quantities available to purchase are virtually unlimited.

Buyer should be there the first time, than can send his gemologist to inspect and do the bidding online from his office, without having to go to Botswana every time, which is very convenient.

Once the client bids and purchases the stones they want, they pay for the product after reception of an invoice, gets all paperwork and the stones are lodged at Malca or Brinks within the technology park and buyer ships them to preferred CIF destination, the stones never leave the building, this is the most modern and safest facility in the world to buy diamonds.

After clients successfully purchases at the Tenders a few times, we can facilitate the purchase of a sight holder’s license, which is extremely difficult to get, and will allow the Buyer to purchase any quantities at any time.

Here is how we get started:

1. Buyer issues LOI and CIS, we run compliance on buyer (48H to 72H), if everything is ok than 

2. We will issue an MOU and NDA for the buyer to sign, buyer will agree to pay 3% commissions for every tranches   

3. Buyer will receive copies of licenses, tenders schedule

4. Buyer picks his dates and submits gemologist and principal passports for visas as well as soft POF to show capability, and will fill out the application form.

5. Buyer gets invitation letter and transaction is concluded on site monthly.



March Sale Viewings: 23rd February to 04th March Auction: Thursday 05th Mar 12PM

April Sale Viewings: 27th March to 07th April Auction: Wednesday 08th Apr 12PM

May Sale Viewings: 03rd May to 13th May Auction: Thursday 14th May 12PM

June Sale Viewings: 10th June to 19th June Auction: Monday 22nd Jun 12PM

July Sale Viewings: 22nd July to 29th July Auction: Thursday 30th Jul 12PM

August Sale Viewings: 18th August to 26th August Auction: Thursday 27th Aug 12PM

September Sale Viewings: 16th September to 23rd September Auction: Thursday 24th Sep 12PM

November Sale Viewings: 29th October to 06th November Auction: Monday 09th Nov 12PM

December Sale Viewings: 03rd December to 11th December Auction: Monday 14th Dec 12PM