KPC Verification

Madnox handles all aspects of trading transactions from A to Z. We ensure that all the proper due-diligence is done correctly and in a timely manner in order to protect both buyers and suppliers. If a red flag is raised for any reason, the transaction will stall, threatening the capital and the commodities.

Homeland Security and other international agencies are rightfully very concerned with where the money and the stones for these large scale transactions come from, and Madnox, will only transact with suppliers of Rough Diamonds able to produce KPC’s and full legal documentation to show that their products are of non-criminal origins and non-terrorist origins. We check all KPC’s through the US Department of Homeland Security.

Do you already have a source for your Rough Diamonds in place? Let Madnox Trade Desk handle your trading transactions smoothly so you can focus on what you do best, making money!

Q&A For Diamond Brokers

Q&A For Brokers

Please read these Q&A’s if you are a Diamond or Metal Broker, looking to submit a manifest or LOI to our Trade Desk before contacting us.

Do we deal with Brokers?

Yes, but only if they put us directly in touch with the actual Seller or Buyer. If you don’t know who the seller or buyer is, the offer you received was probably flown around the internet like a 747 and is most probably fake anyways. Find out who the seller/buyer is, put us in direct communication, if a deal is negotiated and closed, you will get a commission.

Do we sign IMFPA’s and NCNDA’s upfront?

We never do, as it is highly illegal to request anyone to sign an IMFPA or Pay Order before any contract is signed. This is considered extortion, and no IMFPA has any value without contract codes anyways! So do not ask us for IMFPA’s as they would have absolutely no value to you, and can certainly land you straight to prison, there are no benefits to do so. We are willing to sign an NCNDA if necessary, dispite the fact that they are also a waste of time, and have absolutely ZERO value in any court of law.

As a broker, you MUST understand that the most important thing for a Buyer or Seller of commodities is banking! If you wire funds to someone who is black listed by a Bank, you automatically become blacklisted! Therefore, we will NEVER engage in anything until we have full disclosure and know exactly who the title holder is, and where the funds are going.

Before purchasing any diamonds from us or receiving anything, all Buyers have to fill out our CIS package as we practice “KYC” (Know Your Customer for Banking Purposes).

Will we ever sign ANY documents on ICC Letterhead?

Not in a million years, what most brokers don’t understand, is that no documents on ICC letterhead have recourse in any court of law, ICC is not an enforcement agency, just a mere non profit organization, in other words, no documents signed with ICC letterhead has ANY value, does not stand on any legs, not even worth the ink you use to print them.

Can you send me a manifest?

We use Blockchain technology, once a client has submitted his/her CIS package on our format, and the buyer has cleared compliance, we will be in direct communication with the buyer, and determine the Buyer’s needs. We will prepare a test parcel based on Buyer’s requirements, and once the parcel arrived in the USA, the buyer will receive the manifest directly through the blockchain, and an invitation letter from our Trade Desk. We NEVER send any manifests through brokers.

Do we accept sanitized manifests?

We never do, how could we get any manifest signed without knowing who the seller is? It would be completely insane to accept and sign a blank manifest without being able to do due dilligence on the seller! We need 100% transparency, other wise, we have no interest at all.

Would you sign a purchase order on a car without knowing the brand?

I have a Manifest, but the Broker who sent it to me refuses 

to release the Seller’s information.

We are not interested in talking to that Broker or any other brokers, we pass

What if your Trade Desk lies to us and does a deal behind our back?

We have one major rule of engagement, we NEVER lie to anyone regardless of their position. This business has enough liars as is. We will always be truthful with anyone involved in our transactions, and expect the same from all Brokers! Lying and making up stories is completely idiotic, as it will only land you in trouble, and ruin your reputation for a lifetime.

Furthermore, it would make no business sence for us to lie and close deals behind your back as you would never bring us another deal.

The job of a broker or facilitator is to “facilitate” meaning opening doors and making it easy for the Buyer and Seller to close the deal. You will NEVER close a deal if you don’t open communication between the parties, you will only close the doors shut.

Rough Diamonds Regulations

Rough Diamonds Regulations

Diamond in The Rough

Executive Order 13312—Implementing the Clean Diamond

Trade Act July 29, 2003

Kimberley Process certificate to Export Rough Diamonds

An Overview of the Rough Diamonds Control Regulations

Title 31 Part 592 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

PUBLIC LAW 108–19—APR. 25, 2003 117 STAT. 631

‘‘Clean Diamond Trade Act’’

United Nations Participation Act (“UNPA”)


Economic and communication sanctions pursuant to United Nations Security Council Resolution


Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 99 / Wednesday, May 21, 2008 / Rules and Regulations

DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Office of Foreign Assets Control

31 CFR Part 592 Rough Diamonds Control Regulations

Rough Diamond Trading

Madnox is a full service Rough Diamonds Trade Desk, who will handle your trading transaction from start to finish, insuring that both buyers and sellers are fully satisfied from the beginning to the end, and that your trading process is flawless.

  • Minimum transaction is 100 CT (most of the time), no maximum
  • If brokers are involved in the transaction, an NCNDA will be signed upon request, but we only deal directly with direct Sellers of the commodities, in order to communicate properly and finalize the transaction.

Sellers must have clear title to the goods and records which prove they own the goods that are offering for sale. Any brokers trying to act as a seller, issuing false documents will be reported to the Authorities immediately! 

  • Our Desk Only Trades Rough Diamonds Wholesale and Gold & Precious Metals Wholesale, nothing else.

Rough Diamond Gemologist Services

Madnox Diamond Trade Desk is proud to offer our rough diamond gemologist services and diamond gemologist services.

These services can be provided in the USA, Europe, Africa or globally.

We offer rough diamond parcels grading, wholesale rough diamond purchasing and rare cut and polished exceptional diamonds sourcing based on your requirements.

Rough diamond gemologist in the USA, Rough diamond gemologist in New York, Rough diamond gemologist in Miami, Rough diamond gemologist in Las Vegas, Rough diamond gemologist in Los Angeles or any other US Cities.

To Inquire about our Gemologist Services Worldwide, please call +1-305-600-1814 or email

Rough Diamond Parcels For Sale

Rough Diamond Parcels For Sale

Rough Diamond Trade

Our Trade Desk Distributes Parcels of Rough Diamonds as well.

We can assist in the delivery of rough diamonds parcels on a spot, than contract bases, FOB South Florida USA.

Our Trade Desk must be able to deal directly with the Buyer and his/her representative after an initial conversation with the Buyer takes place. Based on Parcels Availability.

We need to receive the Buyer’s CIS packaged filled in, within 72 Hours we will make a determination to engage.

Contact us at +1-305-600-1814


Rough Diamond Private Collections & Estates

Our Rough Diamonds Trade Desk Also Specializes in

Estate Rough Diamonds Collections and Private Rough Diamonds Collections.

We are able to make you a fair market value offer without the need to hire outrageous auctioneers and the need to have additional seller expenses to bear.

We have the ability to transact on rough diamonds collections

from 100 cts minimum to virtually no maximum.

Please contact us at or

+1-305-600-1814 to discuss the Estate or Private

Collection you have available for sale.

Buyer has the ability to close the deal within a couple of days.

Rough Diamonds Import into The United States

The requirements for importing in compliance with the KPC are as follows:

  • All imports and exports of rough diamonds must be accompanied by a Kimberley Process Certificate (KPC).  The original KPC must be with the actual merchandise; copies will not suffice.
  • Imports of rough diamonds must be in a sealed tamper-resistant container.  A tamper-resistant container is defined as “packaging having an indicator or barrier to entry that could reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence that tampering had occurred.  For example, packaging such as a re-sealable sandwich bag is not deemed tamper-resistant.  Further, standard mailing and express consignment packaging alone is not considered as tamper-resistant.”

Rough diamonds may only be imported from, or exported to, countries that are participants in the KimberleyProcess and are not subject to further US restrictions.  The recent FR notice can be found here that lists all Kimberley participants and those countries subject to US restrictions.

  • All shipments of rough diamonds shall not be released from the custody of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) except by a formal entry for consumption (this is the step that involves a customs broker).
  • Importers must fax a copy of all Kimberley Process certificates ( U.S. KPs and those received from other countries) to the U.S. Census Bureau at: 1-800-457-7328.
  • This must be faxed after the arrival or export without delay.
  • Rough Diamond importers and exporters must retain records of all Kimberley Process ( U.S. and foreign certificates for five years).
  • An annual report must be filed with the Department of State by April 1, that report summarizes the previous year’s activity.  The attached brochure contains the message that I read to you about this requirement.

Rough diamonds are unconditionally duty free, but a merchandise processing fee will apply.  That fee currently does not exceed $485, and is calculated by multiplying the value of the merchandise by .3464%.  There will be fees from the customs broker associated with filing a formal entry.

Click here for Department of State information on the Kimberley Process.

Click here for information on the Kimberley Process on CBP’s website.  Broker lists are contained within CBP’s website.  Click on the map at the bottom of main page for the state and port that you with to import through.  Within that material is a listing of brokers licensed for each area

Rough Diamonds Procedures CIF Dubai


Rough Diamonds

Form: Uncut Rough Stones

Sizes: 10–30+ Carats



Pure Whites Only, No Industrial Diamonds

TTM: To be agreed between Buyer and Seller at Brinks, or Security House Dubai.

Quantity: As per seller’s Manifest Minimum 50 CT (up to 50,000CT)


Parcel changes ownership immediately  after confirmation of the payment by MT103 including transfer of all related documents.


In US American Dollars (or as agreed).  The diamonds are sealed and payment is done via Irrevocable Swift Wire Transfer into Seller’s designated account at the end of the Viewing/ TTM.


ROUGH DIAMONDS OF 50 Cts to (50,000CT) Based on Seller’s availability/Months.

This manifest to be considered must be sent to the buyer for approval first and must include total amount of carats, clarity and size ranges and shape of stones based on the Kimberley Process Certificate. Any manifests must be submitted on the seller’s full letterhead, and signed by the Seller.

BUYING PROCEDURES: 1.  Photos of stones will be provided by Seller on Madnox Template. 2. KIMBERLEY should reflect the accuracy of the manifest proposed. 3. The stones must be delivered CIF Dubai bonded in offices Malca Amit  or Brinks, or Buyer’s Office 4. The stones will be checked by ourselves and our gemologists on site 5. If the stones are consistent with the manifest , the stone settlement will be immediate. 6. NO PAYMENT WILL BE DONE other than in Dubai and only after verification. 7. Transaction is concluded.   If any Brokers are involved, we will only transact directly with the Seller of the Stones, no exceptions, no brokers are ever invited to the TTM/Viewing.   PROCEDURES AND COMMISSIONS ARE NOT NEGOTIABLEPROCEDURES OR DELIVERY LOCATION ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME